Privatūs ekspertai administraciniame procese

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Privatūs ekspertai administraciniame procese
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Private experts in administrative procedure
Ekspertai; Specialistai; Konsultantai; Tyrimas; Administracinis procesas; Ekspertų vertinimas.
Experts; Administrative procedure; Examination; Specialist; Consultation.
Summary / Abstract:

LTLaiku ir kokybiškai atlikti ekspertiniai tyrimai turėtų padėti teismams nustatyti tiesą administracinėse bylose. Straipsnio tikslas yra išanalizuoti privačių ekspertų statusą administracinio proceso metu, nustatant jų teikiamų išvadų svarbą įrodinėjimo procese. Tyrimo metu buvo nustatyta, kad specialių žinių taikymui administraciniame procese yra suteikiama ypatinga svarba. Privatus teismo ekspertas administraciniame procese turi dvigubą statusą. Privatiems ekspertams administraciniame procese yra keliami tolygūs reikalavimai kaip ir teismo ekspertams, tačiau jų teisės yra ribotos. [Iš leidinio]

ENA fair assessment of the evidence is very important in any type of process. For this purpose, it is very often useful to follow the findings of specialists and experts. The results of expert research are used to implement the tasks of administering justice. Timely and high-quality expert investigations should help courts to establish the truth in administrative cases, and pre-trial investigation institutions to detect offenses quickly and in detail. The purpose of this study is to analyze the status of private experts during the administrative process, determining the relevance of their findings in the evidentiary process. The study found that the application of expertise in the administrative process is of particular importance. A private forensic expert has a dual status in administrative proceedings, i. y. he may act as a specialist in his field and draw up the relevant documents in accordance with the legislation governing that field, or he may act as a private forensic expert who draws up the findings of an expert examination in accordance with procedural law and the Forensic Law. The status of a forensic expert is a procedural status and is to be used in accordance with the Law on Administrative Procedure and the Law on Forensic Examination only in actions related to the parties to the proceedings in the investigation and hearing of cases. A private expert who performs forensic examination or privately consults the parties to the proceedings must comply with the provisions of the Code of Professional Ethics of Forensic Experts and the rights and obligations established in the Law on Administrative Procedure and the Law on Forensic Examination. An analysis of the provisions of the above-mentioned legal regulation and case law leads to the conclusion that private experts are subject to the same requirements in the administrative process as for forensic experts, but their rights are limited. [From the publication]

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