Abiturientų požiūris i vizualinę kultūrą

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Abiturientų požiūris i vizualinę kultūrą
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Value attitudes of high school graduates: visual culture
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Menas / Art.
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LTStraipsnyje nagrinėjami kai kurie jaunimo subkultūros bruožai - vizualinės kultūros vieta ir reikšmė vertybinių orientacijų struktūroje; atskleidžiami šios struktūros ir meno vartojimo bei vertinimo ypatybės ir savitumai. Remiantis empirinių tyrimų duomenimis, analizuojamas vidurinių mokyklų abiturientų požiūris į meną ir jo reikšmę žmogaus gyvenime. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Vertybinės orientacijos; Vizualinė kultūra; Jaunimo subkultūra; Menas.

ENThe article presents the research of high school graduates in 2002. The research was conducted to analyse youth value attitudes and visual culture. The recent focus of Lithuanian politicians on mass media and discussions about its influence on youth challenges the analysis of youth reflections on importance of visual culture in their life. Social changes at the end of the 20th c. lead to changes in cultural habits - less young people attend theatres, cinemas, exhibitions and concerts. Nevertheless, interest in art is a part of socially active life: interest in art in all aspects (cognitive, emotional and behavioral) is related to social activities and other socially positively evaluated objects, such as communication with beloved person, creation of family and social work. Movie watching is related to socially integrated and individualistic activities and orientation to family. Position of mass media, as a channel of visual culture, is investigated as well. Mass media is a part of two value orientations: leisure oriented (together with cafe, restaurants and disco going) and information oriented one (together with importance of science and studies). Interest in art, movies and mass media, which is the main channel for art, although logically related, are positioned into different structures of value attitudes. Therefore an image of an in general can be interpreted as a serious one and movies as an entertaining activity. [From the publication]

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