Profesinio orientavimo paslaugų ypatumai andragogo konsultanto veiklos aspektu

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Profesinio orientavimo paslaugų ypatumai andragogo konsultanto veiklos aspektu
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Main features of career guidance services from the point of view of andragogy consultant activities
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Tiltai [Bridges] [Brücken]. 2020, Nr.1 (84), p. 111-133
Karjera; Profesinio orientavimo paslaugos; Andragogo konsultanto veikla.
Career; Career guidance services; Activity of andragogue consultant.
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LTKadangi karjera plėtojama visą asmens gyvenimą, su šiuo procesu susijusios andragogo konsultanto suaugusiesiems teikiamos profesinio orientavimo, t. y. konsultavimo, informavimo ir ugdymo, paslaugos yra ypač aktualios. Straipsnyje tiek teoriniu, tiek empiriniu aspektais analizuojama, kas būdinga profesinio orientavimo paslaugų suaugusiajam teikimo procesui ir kaip reiškiasi andragogo konsultanto veikla, teikiant pagalbą, patarimus besikonsultuojantiesiems savo tolesnio gyvenimo bei karjeros klausimais. Taigi atliekama profesinio orientavimo paslaugų andragogo konsultanto veiklos aspektu teorinio diskurso analizė, empiriškai pagrindžiami profesinio orientavimo paslaugų ypatumai ir sąsajos su andragogo konsultanto veikla. Atliktas kokybinis tyrimas atskleidžia, kad profesinio orientavimo paslaugų ypatumai išryškėja per andragogo, kaip kompetentingo konsultanto, patarėjo karjeros ir gyvenimo klausimais veiklą. Apibendrinta teorinė, dokumentų ir empirinio tyrimo analizė leidžia teigti, kad andragogo konsultanto veikla, teikiant profesinio orientavimo paslaugas, nukreipta į klientą, jo poreikių nustatymą ir tenkinimą bei skirta padėti suaugusiam asmeniui rinktis jam tinkamą švietimą ir užimtumą, įgyti karjeros planavimo bei valdymo kompetencijas, aktyviai siekti karjeros. [Iš leidinio]

ENAlthough career guidance services are relevant to both the counsellor and the andragogue career counsellor, there is not enough research in this area. No studies have been found that reveal the specifics of career guidance services for adult guidance counsellor andragogue consultants. [...] Because of the lack of data and research describing the career guidance service process itself, service delivery strategies, and links to andragogue consultant activity, this article addresses two problematic questions: 1) what is specific to the career guidance service delivery process for adults? 2) how does the andragogue consultant work in providing help, guidance and counselling for the future life and career? Research object: career guidance services and andragogue consultant activities. Aim of the research: to theoretically analyse and empirically substantiate the peculiarities of career guidance services from the point of view of the activity of the andragogue consultant. Objectives: 1) to analyse the theoretical discourse on career guidance andragogue consultant activity; 2) to show the characteristics of career guidance services and their links with andragogue consultant activities. In order to find out the attitudes of experts (career specialists and consultants) towards career guidance services provided, and their relation to the activities of the andragogue consultant, in December 2019 a study was conducted in Naumburg in Germany by a private-sector organisation, the Education and Social Services Agency, which provides education and career guidance and social services for adults. It offers job opportunities and mediation in finding a job or educational institution, it provides learning support, vocational training, vocational rehabilitation, career guidance and continuing education, and it organises political education and language courses. The empirical data obtained are applicable only to this institution.The aim of the research is to empirically substantiate the specifics of career guidance services from the point of view of the activity of an andragogue consultant. To accomplish this goal, two tasks were identified: 1) to investigate career guidance providers’ attitudes towards career guidance and andragogue consultant performance; 2) to reveal the attitude of career guidance service users towards the services provided, and the activities of the andragogue consultant in providing them. Career guidance, including guidance, information and education, is today considered to be one of the most important factors in promoting lifelong learning, economic development, employment, the adaptation of the workforce to market conditions, social inclusion and equal opportunities. Career guidance aims to help individuals make the most of their existing skills, respond flexibly to an ever-changing environment, and successfully address their personal lives. It demonstrates the significance and complexity of these services, and their links to economic competitiveness, social stability, education and employment strategies implementation. Career guidance services are relevant because they enable people of all ages to identify their competencies and interests throughout their lives, in order to make meaningful decisions relating to learning, development, work, occupation and career choices. [...].However, as the study shows, there are also some unsuccessful results in working with clients. This reveals the need for guidance and counselling providers to develop and improve competencies through formal education, non-formal and informal learning, and andragogical education through andragogical adult counselling competencies, to work effectively with diverse adult groups, providing them with quality career guidance services. The study also highlighted the fact that too much time is spent on documenting, describing and reporting on daily activities, which reduces the opportunity for more time for consultants and their problems. This suggests that the investigated institution should improve consultants’ job descriptions and consultants’ time planning and management competencies. The summarised theoretical, documentary and empirical analysis suggests that career guidance services are provided by responsible, competent consultants who take care of their professional development and service quality. Their activities aimed at meeting the career expectations of adults are diverse and multifunctional, but the study shows that the process of adult career guidance services in the studied institution does not have any distinctive features: they work according to the job description of the consultant, which needs to be improved. [From the publication]

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