Par Latvieju enciklopēdijā "Visuotinė lietuvių enciklopedija"

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Straipsnis / Article
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Par Latvieju enciklopēdijā "Visuotinė lietuvių enciklopedija"
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About Latvia in the Encyclopedia "Visuotinė lietuvių enciklopedija"
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Valoda - .... Valoda dažādu kultūru kontekstā [Language. Language in Various Cultural Contexts]. 2019, P. 150-161
Bendriniai žodžiai; Latvija (Latvia); Realijų pavadinimai; Tikriniai daiktavardžiai; Tikriniai žodžiai.
Common words; Latvia; Names of realia; Proper names; The Lithuanian language.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe aim of the research is to investigate the names of realia and proper names found in the "Visuotinė lietuvių enciklopedija" (Universal Lithuanian Encyclopedia; ULE) main entry Latvia and other entries including the word root latv-. The research was conducted by employing semantic analysis and descriptive methods. The first sample encompassing examples of names of realia deals with several groups according to their semantics: 1) names of political parties, 2) names of public movements, unions, and organisations, 3) names of educational, study, and culture institutions, 4) names of companies. Attention is also focused on the traditional names of breeds of Latvian domestic animals presented in the alphabetical order. In the scope of the group including names of realia, the rendering of the names of Latvian parties in the ULE, competition between original native and international words as well as differences in meanings and usage of words were analysed. It was found out that sometimes the rendering of the names of realia characteristic of Latvia in the ULE was impacted by Lithuanian analogues. In its turn, the analysis of symbolical names shows that they are used in the ULE in both original and translated (often adding equivalents in the language origin) forms. Diversity of rendering and usage is observed in the group encompassing names of associations, art and sports clubs, public buildings etc.; nevertheless, the theoretical provisions advising to avoid translation of such names are applied. Titles of books, various artworks are usually translated adding in parallel the forms in the original language. Examples of the group comprising proper names are not explored in particular because the usage of personal names and place names, even though explained in detail in the introduction of the ULE, is actually confused and complicated.It is obvious that proper names of the Latvian language are treated equally to those of other languages, which are more often used in Lithuanian without adaptation (in the case of the Latvian language, still there was a valid norm to render them on the basis of pronunciation and spell with Lithuanian letters). The research showed that the ULE not always succeeded in correct rendering of the Latvian names to make them both reveal the specific character of the country and be comprehensible to the target audience. Various discrepancies and particular (correction) mistakes were found. [From the publication]

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