Intymu ir vieša moterų literatūroje

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Intymu ir vieša moterų literatūroje
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Intimate and open in women's literature
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Sambalsiai: studijos, esė, pokalbis / sudarytojos: Aistė Birgerė, Dalia Čiočytė. Vilnius: Vilniaus dailės akademijos leidykla, 2005. P. 317-338, 632
Interpretacija; Intymumas; Literatūra; Moteriškumas; Moterų literatūra; Motinystė; Viešumas.
Femininity; Interpretation; Intimacy; Lithuanian literature; Motherhood; Publicity; Women's literature.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe phenomenon of motherhood is a locus where intimate and public aspects of existence come together, because here is observed not only the relationship with a child, but also with the whole world. The article aims at looking into the "eternal" components of femininity, their meanings and essence in the new prose, poetry and drama created by women. The theme of motherhood is authentically and deeply conveyed in Vanda Juknaitė's prose (The Glass Country, Your Voice Will Give You Away). Bitė Vilimaitė's short stories magnificently reveal an alienated, cruel and merciless world in which a homeless child dies. Aldona Ruseckaitė's prose, Nijolė Miliauskaitė's poetry, in her own words, hide "a bit of authentic, condensed past". And the past of theirs is love, the history of becoming a woman, the longing for family, home, and motherhood. The writers of a younger generation Renata Šerelytė and Laura Sintija Černiauskaitė in their oeuvre represent the changed worldview of a modern woman. The main symptoms - are spiritual emptiness, inability to make oneself understood. The new Lithuanian literature is rich with talented women writers. They are alien to infantilism, egocentrism, which manifest the lack of feminine self-confidence, agonistic feministic liberalism or amending reactions. Their oeuvre - is a solid expression of today's culture. [From the publication]

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