Population situation and trends in Baltic countries

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Population situation and trends in Baltic countries
Estija (Estonia); Lietuva (Lithuania); Demografija / Demography; Sveikata / Health; Latvija (Latvia).
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Baltijos šalys (Baltic states); Demografiniai rodikliai; Estija (Estonia); Gimstamumas; Gyventojų padėtis; Latvija (Latvia); Lietuvos demografiniai rodikliai; Mirtingumas; Baltic countries; Baltic states; Birth rate; Demographic indicators; Latvia; Lithuania demographic indicators; Mortality; Population situation.

ENThe aim of this article is to study population situation and trends within the Baltic countries, exactly to say in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The main objective is to find out if political changes during new history (such as the situation during disintegration of SSSR, getting the independence, joining to EU and staying in it), had influence on population situation in the Baltic countries. Other assignments in this work refer to mutual comparison of population indicators and establishing of similarities and differences among the Baltic countries. They are initiated by facts that these countries have similar physical geographical characteristics and social historical context during new history, but different size of population and ethnogenetic origin. Part of this work tells us about projections of inhabitants given till the year 2100. The results of the research are got by using analytic and synthetic method for data interpreting which are found at official demographic publications. The main contribution of this work is to expand knowledge about population in the Baltic countries in order to complete the picture about demographic characteristics of the European region within 20th into 21st century. The results of the research show that there are more similarities between Latvia and Estonia comparing with populous Lithuania. [From the publication]

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