Indijos kultūrinio renesanso atšvaitai Sri Aurobindo poetikoje: kai kurie aspektai

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Indijos kultūrinio renesanso atšvaitai Sri Aurobindo poetikoje: kai kurie aspektai
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Reflections of Indian cultural renaissance in Sri Aurobindo’s poetics: some aspects
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Estetikos ir meno filosofijos probleminių laukų sąveika / sudarytojas ir mokslinis redaktorius Antanas Andrijauskas. Vilnius: Kultūros, filosofijos ir meno institutas, 2008. P. 470-479. (Estetikos ir meno filosofijos tyrinėjimai; 4)
Ateities poezija; Dvasingumo principas; Estetika; Indijos kultūros renesansas; Meilė; Nacija; Poetika; Renesansas; Šri Aurobindo; Sąmonė; Tapatybė; Tautos sąmonė; Vidinė tikrovė.
Aesthetics; Consciousness; Consciousness of nation; Cultural renaissance in India; Future poetry; Inner reality; Love; Nation; Poetics; Principle of spirituality; Renaissance; Self; Sri Aurobinda.
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ENIn this article the author discusses the inner link between Sri Aurobindo’s poetry, poetical criticism and his social and political work, which consists of a large project of the cultural Renaissance in India (Bengal in particular). In it the special feature of Indian mentality has been shown, its predisposition to assimilate foreign cultural tendencies and to put them on a basis of spirituality. According to Sri Aurobindo, spirituality is a very important link, which unites inner and outer human cosmos. As a main character in his poems and nation alistic ideology, woman or Goddess appears with tremendous s'akti power. This power works trough people, who serve their native country as to the Divine Mother. The principle of spirituality is manifold and permeates every sphere of human life. The author studies one verse „Lila“ and shows the symbolic, i. e. spiritual meaning of the terms used in it. She discusses place of love, aesthetic enjoyment and bliss in Sri Aurobindo’š poetics and worldview as well. The investigation shows that future poetry and life of the Hindus, according to Sri Aurobindo, must grow hand in hand with the inner spiritual growth towards full realization of the true Reality, identifying it with the soul of people and at the same time with the Self of the nation. Both should be developed in a long course of evolution. [From the publication]

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