Profesinės inteligentijos gimimas: Jono Bobrovskio (1777-1823) gyvenimo ir kūrybos atvejis

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Profesinės inteligentijos gimimas: Jono Bobrovskio (1777-1823) gyvenimo ir kūrybos atvejis
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Birth of professional intelligentsia: case of Jan Bobrowskis (1777-1823) life and creation
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Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė : luomas, pašaukimas, užsiėmimas / sudarytoja Ramunė Šmigelskytė-Stukienė. Vilnius: Lietuvos istorijos institutas, 2019. P. 179-188. (XVIII amžiaus studijos; 5)
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Profesionalizacija; Inteligentija; Luominė struktūra; Apšvieta; Professionalization; Intelligentsia; Estate based structure; Enlightenment.
Inteligentija; Luominė struktūra; Mokslas / Science; Profesionalizacija; Šviečiamasis amžius. Švietimo epocha / Enlightenment.
Estate based structure; Intelligentsia; Professionalization.
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LTRemiantis Imperatoriškojo Vilniaus universiteto Literatūros ir laisvųjų menų skyriaus auklėtinio Jono Bobrovskio (Jan Bobrowski, 1777-1823) gyvenimu ir kūryba, straipsnyje nagrinėjama, kaip formavosi pirmoji profesinės inteligentijos karta. [Iš leidinio]

ENThrough the case study of life and creation of Jan Bobrowski (1777-1823), student at Vilnius university department of literature and free arts, the article analyses how the first generation of professional intelligentsia came to life. Personal life and creation of Jan Bobrowski show, how in the junction of the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries a society was gradually emerging, in which professional career rather than social background was considered the indicator of personal success of a human being. J. Bobrowski chose his life in accordance with his calling. Educational work helped him not only to realise his intellectual aspirations, but also permitted ensurance of his material wellbeing. Active professional intellectual work placed J. Bobrowski among the ranks of the emerging intelligentsia. Educational works of J. Bobrowski served as educational popularization of science, whereas his participation in Vilnius Charity Fellowship had signs of social messiahship. This new group, represented by J. Bobrowski, which did not belong to estate structure, created personal space that matched their expectations. Wife of J. Bobrowski could also realize her creative potential whereas independent educational work provided her with opportunities to leave traditional social role of a woman. [From the publication]

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