Transnational grandmother-grandchild relationships in the context of migration from Lithuania to Ireland

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Transnational grandmother-grandchild relationships in the context of migration from Lithuania to Ireland
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Airija; Anūkai; Branduolinė šeima; Buvimas seneliu; Ilgalaikis atsiskyrimas; Migracija; Močiutės; Transnacionaliniai senelės-anūko santykiai; Transnacionalinis ryšys; Šeima.
Family; Grandchildren; Grandmothers; Grandparenting; Ireland; Lithuania; Longtime-separation; Migration; Nuclear family; Transnational grandmother-grandchild relationships; Transnational relationships.
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EN[...] The present chapter aims to address this gap in the literature by going beyond the nuclear family to examine the impact of transnational family migration on the relationships between Lithuanian migrant adolescents living in Ireland and their non-migrant grandmothers residing in Lithuania. Historically, the traditional role of grandparents (and especially grandmothers) in Eastern European families has been instrumental due to their active involvement in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives and frequent provision of grandchild care, along with financial, emotional and other types of support (Kraniauskienė and Gedvilaitė-Kordušienė, 2012; Łobodzińska, 1995; Robiła, 2004). However, the increased flows of outward migration since the EU enlargement in 2004 resulted in long-term separation, disrupted family structures and reshaped traditional family practices. By integrating cross-generational perspectives and multi-sited methodology, this chapter contributes to the study of intergenerational relationships by providing a more nuanced understanding of how significant physical distance and long-time separation affect relationships, contact practices and perceived emotional ties between grandparents and grandchildren. [Extract, p. 132-133]

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