Bendrojo išprusimo sąvokos apibrėžties problemiškumas.

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Straipsnis / Article
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Bendrojo išprusimo sąvokos apibrėžties problemiškumas
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Problems Pertaining to Defining the Concept of General Knowledge
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Pedagogika. 2001, 54, p. 19-25
Bendrasis išprusimas; Psichometrinis konstruktas; Operacionalizacija.
Comprehension-knowledge; Psychometric construct; Operationalization.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje pristatoma teorinė bendrojo išprusimo sampratos analizė. Pirmoji tyrimo dalis atlikta remiantis Lietuvos autorių, nagrinėjusių asmenybės prusinimo, išprusimo problematiką, darbais. Antroji dalis – tai bandymas apibrėžti ir operacionalizuoti „bendrąjį išprusimą“, kaip galimą psichometrinį konstruktą. Šis darbas atliktas remiantis pasaulinėje asmenybės bendrųjų gebėjimų teorijoje ir psichometrijos praktikoje pripažintais analogiškais psichometriniais konstruktais. [Iš leidinio]

ENThe paper deals with the definition of comprehension-knowledge of the person as a result of the socialization process and a psychometric construct. The first part of the research is the analysis of the works of Lithuanian authors who dealt with the definition of the concept. The second part is an attempt to define and operationalize ‘comprehension-knowledge’ as a concrete psychometric construct. This theoretical work is part of the diagnostic research, which aims at designing a theoretical background for the “Comprehension-knowledge Test for the Youth and Young Adults” corresponding to the social and cultural conditions of Lithuania. It also seeks to substantiate the sense of diagnosing comprehension-knowledge. The research has been made on the basis of analogous psychometric constructs recognized in world personality intellect theories and psychometric practice. The results of the research are the definition of comprehension-knowledge as a psychometric construct and new hypotheses for the further development of the research. [From the publication]

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