Transgresijos malonumas: tapatumų vartojimas

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Straipsnis / Article
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Transgresijos malonumas: tapatumų vartojimas
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Transgressive pleasure: the consumption of identities
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Athena. 2006, Nr. 1, p. 149-163
Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity; Politinė ideologija / Political ideology; Psichologija / Psychology; Rinka. Rinkodara / Market. Marketing; Vartojimas / Consumption; Vartotojai / Consumers.
Summary / Abstract:

LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Ideologija; Kūnas; Malonumas; Prekių mainai; Riba; Seksualumas; Suprekinimas; Tapatumas; Transgresija; Vartojimo kapitalizmas; Vartotojų kapitalizmas; Body; Boundary; Commodification; Consumer capitalism; Identity; Ideology; Pleasure; Sexuality; Transgression.

ENThe paper focuses on highlighting the systematic transgressivity of consumer capitalism. It is pointed out that capitalist transgressivity manifests itself in different forms of transgression. These forms are linked with the new ways of expressing the body and sexuality. Attempt has been made to indicate that the unconditional linking of transgression with pleasure and highlighting this connection as the main liberatory act and as a possibility to create new identities becomes an important factor of consumerism and consumption ideology. Special attention is given to transgression-based artistic practices which are gaining more significance for the development of capitalism while disguising their commodity form by way of liberation ideology. The paper considers the ways in which the power of desiring-machines and nomadic subjectivity can manifest itself under the conditions of consumer capitalism. The question is posed whether the consumer capitalism has advanced far enough for the process of commodification to anticipate all ways of transgressive liberation through the construction and consumption of new identities. [From the publication]

1822-5047; 2538-7294
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