Assessment of national innovation performance of the Baltic countries

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Assessment of national innovation performance of the Baltic countries
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Business and management . 2016, 9, 1 pdf (8psl.). 9th international scientific conference, May 12-13, 2016, Vilnius, Lithuania
Baltijos šalys; Inovacijos; Inovacijų apraiška; Inovacijų efektyvumo rodikliai; Inovacijų suvestinė; Inovacijų švieslentė; Inovacinės veiklos rodikliai; Naujovės; Socialinė ir ekonominė raida
Baltic countries; Indicators for innovation performance; Innovation; Innovation performance; Innovation scoreboard; Social and economic development
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ENThis paper’s aim is to assess national innovation performance of Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) based on European innovation scoreboard results. The paper leans on the performance on each indicator and analyses the main factors behind the development in innovation performances in each country. The main underline of the paper is to explore the main factors which have been developed after being member of the European Union. The results of the paper indicates the inability achieve the standard of human capital, the impact of small economy. Estonia has higher innovation performance among other Baltic states; successful attraction of the foreign investment can be seen as the main cause. Furthermore, the positive relation with Nordic states and favorable tax policy in notable force for higher innovation performance in Estonia. [From the publication]

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