The Impact of population ageing on national economy

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The Impact of population ageing on national economy
Senėjimas; Gyventojai; Demografiniai pokyčiai; Ekonominiai rodikliai.
Ageing; Population; Demographic changes; Economic indicators.
Summary / Abstract:

ENXXI century has fiercely entered our lives, setting new requirements. Europe has been undergoing demographic changes of an unprecedented scope, bringing the respective challenges with it. The increasingly longer life expectancy is a great achievement for humanity, nonetheless, if viewed from social and economic perspectives, population ageing is construed as negative changes in demographic factors. Reducing population and ageing population structure influence various areas of life of the society, even reduce the possibilities for economic growth. The aim of the research – having summarized demographic trends to determine the impact of population ageing on the national economy. To reach the research aim such research tasks were formulated: 1) to identify factors influencing ageing of population; 2) to identify the interdependence between ageing population and economic indicators. The implemented research revealed that in recent decades, the structure and profile of the EU’s population has changed considerably. The EU’s population grows progressively older: the proportion of older persons is growing at a faster rate than the general population. In many countries, including Lithuania, the population is getting older, the median residents’ age is increasing quickly. According to economic and social approaches ageing of society and decrease of population become significant problems and influ-ence various spheres of society life, warn about possible challenges and concerns to the state. The results of the research showed that demographic changes and economic indicators are related on strong, statistically significant relationships. Implementing the research there were used analysis and synthesis of scientific literature, comparison, summary, statisti-cal data analysis. [From the publication]

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