Profesoriaus Alberto Gursko kaligrafiniai ekslibrisai

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Profesoriaus Alberto Gursko kaligrafiniai ekslibrisai
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Calligraphic ex libris by professor Albertas Gurskas
Lietuvos ekslibrisui - 500: evoliucija ir šiuolaikinės tendencijos / sudarytojai Bronius Maskuliūnas, Asta Kaktytė Šiauliai: Šiaulių apskrities Povilo Višinskio viešoji biblioteka, 2018. P. 21-25.
Albertas Gurskas; Ekslibris; Ekslibrisas; Kaligrafija
Albertas Gurskas; Calligraphy; Ex libris; Exlibris
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ENProfessor Albertas Gurskas is a well-known Lithuanian artist, creator of calligraphy and print, teacher of Vilnius Academy of Arts, a father of Lithuanian calligraphy school and creator of print technique development. Ex libris is one of the areas of A. Gurskas'creation. A. Gurskas started creating them in Soviet period. The ex libris created by him during this time are well known. Among them there are memorable, artistic, elegant, and of "neat" minimalistic aesthetics creations - ex libris of Leopoldas Digris, Liudvikas Strolis, Antanas Kučas, etc. These ex libris were repeatedly published in other publications, exhibited, and presented as the examples of ex libris creation. A. Gurskas has been creating ex libris till now, he is often invited to be a jury member at ex libris exhibitions and contests. Ex libris created by A. Gurskas meet a modern concept of ex libris. These are the creations of small graphics, dedicated to a concrete person. The particular thing is this, that usually in the ex libris created by A. Gurskas, interpersonal relationship with a person for whom the ex libris is dedicated is revealed. A. Gurskas dedicated ex libris to his teachers, co-authors, likeminded people, other persons as a sign of gratitude. A unique and exceptional feature of A. Gurskas' ex libris is this that calligraphy is used for their expression, and in the broadest sense - the art of orthography. The rhythm of letters is the most important in the composition of ex libris, and visual motif does not overshadow it. Pure ex libris with prevailing calligraphy in them are a rarity in Lithuania as well as in the global context of ex libris. Creating the ex libris of this type, deep knowledge of calligraphy, orthography art as well as mastery showing a long creative experience are necessary.The article discusses A. Gurskas'ex libris in various aspects.The visual motifs of ex libris, the interface between them and calligraphy, the particularities of composition, a variety of orthography art are discussed as well. [From the publication]

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