Vabzdžių tema pradinėje mokykloje: turinys ir idėjos veiklai

Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Vabzdžių tema pradinėje mokykloje: turinys ir idėjos veiklai
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Insect topic in primary school: content and ideas for activity
In the Journal:
Gamtamokslinis ugdymas bendrojo lavinimo mokykloje [Natural science education in a comprehensive school.]. 2018, p. 38-50. XXIV nacionalinės mokslinės praktinės konferencijos straipsnių rinkinys, Šilutė, 2018 m. balandžio mėn. 20-21 d
Projektinė veikla; Pradinė mokykla; Gamtamokslinis ugdymas
Animate nature; Project activity; Primary school; Science education
Summary / Abstract:

LTTyrimo objektas – vabzdžių temos realizavimas pradinėje mokykloje: kas, kaip ir kodėl. Tikslai: 1) peržvelgus pradinio ugdymo pasaulio pažinimo programą ir ją įvertinus nagrinėjamos temos aspektu, palyginti ją su Prancūzijos analogiška programa ir ją lydinčiomis rekomendacijomis; 2) pristatyti idėjas, kaip būtų galima pradinių klasių mokinius mokyti pažinti vabzdžius. [Iš straipsnio, p. 37]

ENCurrently more attention is paid to natural science education in Lithuania. It is being encouraged to learn in green environment, diverse learning environments are established, however, it is also necessary to enhance teacher natural science literacy, to orientate education process into deeper learning. This article discusses, how to realise insect topic in primary school. French experience is also used for this. Use of insects for teaching purposes can be very beneficial, because students can perform long term observations and experience a lot. They: 1) observe insect development and analyse different stages (egg, larva, pupa, adult; stage length; death and what were the causes of it; environmental conditions: humidity, light, temperature, food, behaviour and so on); 2) develop critical thinking: look for the answers to emerging questions, compare and collate, find similarities and differences, solve emerging problems; 3) develop positive attitudes regarding nature, overcome fear and prejudice (an insect cannot be another animal, isn’t it, therefore it is more important to understand what makes insect so interesting and significant).Insect topic, as any other, can be interesting, useful for students getting to know animate nature, if it is directed towards students’ knowledge and understanding, ability, critical thinking and value attitude education. Teacher, undertaking educational or project activity about insects has to seriously prepare, think out in advance, what part of activity is going to take place in natural environment and what in the classroom, what educational spaces are going to be created or exploited, to read a lot on that topic, to prepare students’ activity sheets. [From the publication]

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