The Baltic atlas

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Knyga / Book
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The Baltic atlas
Boyd, Jennifer, redagavimas [edt]
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Berlin : Sternberg Press, 2016
333 p.
Portals / Timothy Morton — The dark city luminous / Tom Crosshill — Road map to a better anthropocene / Gustav Kalm — Druzhba / Nomeda Urbonas, Gediminas Urbonas — Interplay / Keller Easterling interview by Jurga Daubaraitė and Jonas Žukauskas — I can, therefore I must: the new story of utopias and dystopias in liquid modernity / Leonidas Donskis — The rule of the writing desk and the social life of documents / Viesturs Celmiņš — Let’s close Tallinn airport?! / Indrek Allmann — Is a new paradigm necessary to restart Baltic space? / Janis Dripe — The rediscovery of time / Markus Schaefer — "Eduarc os MMXVII": education of an architect operating system 2017 / Nasrine Seraji — Materials forecast / Felix Hummel —Fourteen objects from kultuurisauna: five kiuas stones, an axehead, a portrait, four enamel plates, a concrete housing tower, a bronze pillar, an open letter, a song / Tuomas Toivonen —Time without qualities in the departure hall of the Baltic States / Karolis Kaupinis — The infrastructure of everyday life / Jack Self — Composite countryside / Laura Linsi — Contested borders / Carl-Dag Lige — A glocal port / Ljeta Putane —Bedrock & sez / Reinis Azis — The Baltic sea: our collective resource / Janis Ušča — The inertness of free plan areas. Towards step-by-step organized urbanism / Kaja Рае — Nine principles of urbanization in the Baltic sea / Nancy Couling — Networking the nation: the politics of digital infrastructure in Estonia and the world / Aro Velmet —From mining to data / Maroš Krivy — The vernacular geology of the Baltics / Agata Marzecova — The Baltic atlas project / Ines Weizman — Infrastructures for the future / Eglė Rindzevičiūtė — The Baltic pavilion — Atlas of over exploited territories – Baltic sea / Muriz Djurdjevic, Thomas Paturet — Endnotes — Ground / David Grandorge, Jonathan Lovekin — Whiteboard diagram / Abäke.
Venecijos bienalė; XV tarptautinė Architektūros paroda; "Baltijos paviljonas"
Venice Biennale; 15th International Architecture Exibition; "The Baltic Pavillon"
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe Baltic Atlas, published in conjunction with the exhibition of the Baltic States Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, is a gradient between two questions. The first: "what is it possible to imagine?" focuses on interpretations, fictional stories, analyses, and reflections on the ongoing processes, and proposes future projections. The second: "what is possible?" is an inquiry into the methods, resources, and parameters that define space. All texts have been specially written for this publication. Parallel discourses are positioned next to each other - overlaid in an atlas that works in range of different modes. An atlas is a medium that unravels multiple ways of seeing the region of the Baltic States as an intensification of networks, agendas, and ideas that are relevant on a global scale. Along with the Baltic Pavilion exhibition, this publication offers a sense of an open-ended ecology of practices - a forum on what is to come. [Publisher annotation]

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