Meno kūrinių kapinės – paslauga menininkams

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Meno kūrinių kapinės – paslauga menininkams
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Cemetery of artworks – a service for artists
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Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis [AAAV.]. 2019, t. 94, p. 342-376. Menas valstybėje - valstybė mene
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ENThis article has been prepared on the basis of my paper for the conference Arts in the State – The State in Arts and does not aim to present the full picture, which cannot be comprehensive anyway. It is based on the approach that a text is a photograph of language, and thus an entire collection of words can be composed according to the principle of photo collage, as words create meanings that everyone understands differently. Taking into account the fact that in the above-mentioned conference the unique conception of the Cemetery for Artworks was presented publicly for the first time, this text, for scholarly purposes, was written as a case study. Depending on the raised problems, a case study allows choosing the forms of writing that are most suitable for a concrete solution and most precisely define the starting point of its “challenge” or problem. Separate parts of the article written in an improvised legalese become experimental extensions of the artistic/research field in different linguistic registers. Using the narrative approach, the author polemicizes not only with the popular role of a speaking/writing artist, but also with the rhetoric of the regulations supporting or commissioning creative work.Legal linguistics with its inner logic and power strategy used as a means to speak about a certain creative tendency proceeds from the main problematics of the article. It should be noted that from the classical viewpoint of art, rules are made so that they could be remade. Since it is the first larger official text about the Cemetery of Artworks that has actually been in operation for three years already, information of rather descriptive than explanatory or assessing nature is basically given here. As can be judged from the consistency of the presented information, its content is rather artistic, but in the paradigm of artistic research it can be read both as a practice and theory, which in its present shape does not represent either of them. Basically it is a study for art, about art, through art and together with art. [From the publication]

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