The Role of key competences in adult education: the case of Lithuania

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Straipsnis / Article
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The Role of key competences in adult education: the case of Lithuania
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New educational review . 2017, 49, p. 40-53
Bendrosios kompetencijos; Gebėjimai; Gebėjimai, mokymasis visą gyvenimą; Lietuva; Mokymasis visą gyvenimą; Pagrindinės kompetencijos; Žinios
Abilities; Key competences; Knowledge; Lifelong learning; Lithuania
Summary / Abstract:

ENThis article focuses on the analysis of the current state of the key competence development of adults in Lithuania. The following key competences are analysed: communication in native tongues and foreign languages, development of cultural awareness, entrepreneurship, application of information society technologies, and learning to learn. The research involved analysis of the definition and role of the key competences, discussing their typologies and revealing the preconditions, factors and approaches to the development of the key competences. Results of the quantitative survey involving 6992 adult respondents in Lithuania showed that the key competences are important for the majority of the research sample in their social, work and personal life. Individualised ways of key competence development are applied more frequently than collective ways. Key competence development is mostly enhanced by personal needs (work, wish of development and self-realization) and support of the family. The most frequently mentioned obstacles to the development of key competences are lack of financial resources and expensive training services. [From the publication]

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