Latvijas dzīves atspoguļojums laikrakstā "Šiaulių kraštas": lingvistiskais aspekts

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Latvijas dzīves atspoguļojums laikrakstā "Šiaulių kraštas": lingvistiskais aspekts
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Reflection of Latvian life in the daily "Šiaulių kraštas": a linguistic aspect
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Valoda - .... Valoda dažādu kultūru kontekstā [Language. Language in Various Cultural Contexts]. 2018, P. 305-318. (Zinātnisko rakstu krājums ; 28)
Bendriniai žodžiai; Dažnai vartojami žodžiai; Latvija (Latvia); Realijų pavadinimai; Tikriniai vardai; Tikriniai žodžiai.
Common words; Latvia; Names of realia; Proper names; The Lithuanian language.
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ENOne of the publications of Šiauliai periodicals, the largest daily of North Lithuania, Šiaulių kraštas (Lith. Šiauliai Region), focusing on the realia of Latvian political, economic, and public life, has been chosen as a source for investigation in the present study. The research is aimed at investigating publications dedicated to the life of Latvia published over one randomly chosen year in a linguistic aspect. In 2014, the daily published 84 articles whose headlines reflected connections with Latvia; however, 88 articles have been explored in the course of the research (headlines of few of them had no indicators of the Latvian theme). When forming the sample of the words or compounds found in texts of Šiaulių kraštas, no attention was paid to the frequency of their use; diversity of the units was treated as a selection criterion. The research was conducted by employing the semantic analysis and descriptive methods. In order to comprehensively investigate the materials of articles of the periodical Šiaulių kraštas, the headlines revealing connections to Latvia have been divided into two groups differing in their volume: 1) proper nouns (all types of them have been discussed: personal names, place names, and symbolical names; proper names used in headlines were already dealt with in 2016 in a separate publication, therefore, the article mostly focuses on the texts) and 2) names of public life realia. The article also discusses several terminological problems: rendering of a word naming the Latvian territorial administrative unit novads in the Lithuanian language, as well as the motivation of selection of diminutives miestelis (Lith. 'small town'), kaimelis (Lith. 'small village') naming populated localities miestas (Lith. 'town') and kaimas (Lith. 'village') and their use in the Lithuanian language. [From the publication]

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