Testament strażnika wielkiego litewskiego Samuela Kmicica

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Testament strażnika wielkiego litewskiego Samuela Kmicica
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Last will of Lithuanian Grand sergeant Samuel Kmicic
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Rocznik Lituanistyczny. 2018, 4, p. 137-158
Bajorai; Fundacijos; Karyba; Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė (LDK; Grand Duchy of Lithuania; GDL); Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaištystė; 17 amžius; Sapiegos (Sapiega family); Testamentai.
Foundation activity; Noblemen; Officer's cadre; Social advancement; Testaments; The Great Duchy of Lithuania; The Lithuanian XVII c. history; The Sapiehas.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe subject of this source edition is a last will and testament of Great Lithuanian Sergeant Samuel Kmicic - one of the most important middle level commanders in the Lithuanian army in the second part of the seventeenth century. The document was written down in January 1692, less than three months prior to the testator's death; in the early April that year it was completed by a register of his household and military servants. Thus far, historians' interest has been focused mainly on two spheres of Kmicic's activity - military and political ones. The colonel's last will broadens considerably our knowledge of his financial status as well as his ties to his successive patrons: Jerzy Karol Hlebowicz, Michał Kazimierz Radziwiłł, or finally Kazimierz Jan and Benedykt Paweł Sapiehas. The document demonstrates that Samuel played a very important part within the structures of the Sapiehas and Radziwiłłs party, mainly due to the signifi cant capital he had been able to accumulate during his decades-long military service. It also contains interesting information about very close relations among the military clientage of the Sapiehas in the late 1680s and early 1690s, that is at the time when the family - mainly thanks to their full control over the Lithuanian army - extended their political economy over the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The edition of this source is therefore a valuable contribution to the research into the military patronage in the early modern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Samuel Kmicic's last will also contains a number of interesting details about his family relations as well as his foundation activities that are an important completion to his biography. [From the publication]

2450-8446; 2450-8454
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