Cukrinio diabeto (cukraligės) konceptas viešajame Lietuvos sveikatos diskurse

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Straipsnis / Article
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Cukrinio diabeto (cukraligės) konceptas viešajame Lietuvos sveikatos diskurse
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Concept of diabetes Mellitus in Lithuanian public health discourse
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Valoda - 2018. Valoda dažādu kultūru kontekstā. 2018, P. 214-219. (Zinātnisko rakstu krājums ; 28)
Cukrinis diabetas; Konceptas; Konceptualioji metafora; Sveikata; Sąvoka; Viešasis diskursas.
Concept; Conceptual metaphor; Diabetes Mellitus; Health; Public Discourse.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe aim of the present article is to define the general order of the description of the concept ILLNESS and to describe the part of the content of the concept DIABETES in the public discourse of Lithuanian health. The conclusion was drawn that to describe the concept ILLNESS the scenario of prototypical situation is the most appropriate, since all diseases are related to a certain sequence of actions: causes, symptoms, and consequences of the disease. The texts of Lithuanian public health discourse focus on the description of the symptoms of the disease. This fragment of the scenario is detailed in actualizing the conceptual metaphors. The main characteristics of diabetes actualized with conceptual metaphors reveal the possible models of behaviour of people who are ill with this disease and their relatives. Considering diabetes the most productive is the HUMAN metaphor. Referring to the features transferred from the source area to the target area, it is possible to state that disease is perceived as an inevitable companion or partner of life, and rarely as an enemy. The specificity of diabetes determines that the idea of struggle with this disease seems pointless. [From the publication]

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