Erichas Fromas apie ideologizuotą sąmonę

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Erichas Fromas apie ideologizuotą sąmonę
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Erich Fromm on the ideologised consciousness
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Erichas Frommas; Freudas; Freudas, Sigmundas; Frommas; Politinė ideologija / Political ideology; Psichoanalizė / Psychoanalysis.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Erichas Frommas; Freudas; Freudas, Sigmundas; Frommas; Humanistinė sąžinė; Ideologija; Ideologija. Frommas, Erichas; Individas; Pasąmonė; Psichoanalizė; Sąmonė; Consciousness; Erich Fromm; Freud; Freud, Sigmund; Fromm; Fromm, Erich; Humanistic conscience; Ideology; Individual; Psychoanalysis; Subconsciousness.

ENWorks and ideas of Erich Fromm, an outstanding representative of the humanistic trend in the Freudism, are returning to the spotlight again. Fromm - a philosopher of an exclusive productiveness, one of the most known thinker of the post-war period, exerted aq great influence upon the contemporaries. Nowadays we are again reading texts by Fromm, in which is given an analysis of consumer-oriented, alienated relations among men caused by the capitalist way of life. Contrasting between itself the an productive and destructive life orientations of individuals, he critisizes the mercantile value orientation and shows its economic background. Fromm tries to reveal the mutual links and the impact upon the personality of both: the Freud’s concept of libidinous determinism (character and temperament) and Karl Marx’s theory of an economic determinism. He tries as well to understand, how the ideology caused by the economic structure of society and is essential for its development, affects the consciousness of individuals. Mass media serves to the needs of the dominating ideology and endeavoures to implement its values into the minds of individuals. In Fromm’s opinion, besides the oficially infiltrated ideas, there are more subtle, subconscious mechanisms, such as the structure of language, concepts and logics which helps to shape the desired type of an individual. These matrices of the world comprehension acts as a certain gilters recording only the „wanted“ side of reality. The subconsciousness represents a universal human being with its roots deeply entrenched within the Universe. Therefore Fromm absorbs Freud’s call „Where Id is, let Ego be“, and develops based on this the theory of „derepression“, a kind of liberation by means of enlightenment. [From the publication]

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