How pupils create compositions: the analysis of the process of music creation

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Straipsnis / Article
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How pupils create compositions: the analysis of the process of music creation
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Problems in music pedagogy. 2015, Vol. 14(2), p. 107-118
Kūrybiškumas / Creativity; Muzika / Music.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Komponavimas; Kompozicija; Kūrinys; Kūryba; Kūrybingumas; Kūrybinis procesas; Kūrybiškumas; Kūrybos procesas; Muzikos kūrimas; Muzikos kūrinys; Composing; Composition; Creative process; Creativity; Music creation.

ENIn the article the results of the research that sets out to reveal the peculiarities of the creative process of pupils’ compositions are presented. Twenty inventories of the creative process of compositions that were submitted for Lithuanian contest of pupils’ music creation have been analyzed. It is concluded that creation of pupils’ compositions can be defined as the process consisting of four stages: generation of an idea, research, testing and improvement of the first variant of the composition, presentation of the results of creation. Pupils’ creative ideas are generated at different times; creation is inspired by various external and internal stimuli. Specificity of the creative process depends on genre, style, and form of a composition. In all stages of the creative process evaluation and recognition by others (friends, teachers, parents) is important to pupils. [From the publication]

1691-2721; 2501-0158
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