Analysis of social protection in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

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Analysis of social protection in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
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Przedsiębiorstwo & Finanse . 2016, no. 4 (15), p. 75-92
Socialinės apsaugos išlaidos; Socialinės apsaugos išmokos; Minimalus darbo užmokestis; Baltijos šalys
Social protection expenditures; Social protection benefits; Monthly minimum wages; Baltic States
Summary / Abstract:

ENSocial protection is an important topic for various physical entities of any country as every subject of society is involved in the social protection system. The purpose of the article is to analyse social protection in terms of total social protection expenditures structure, social benefits percentage of disposable income and monthly minimum wages in the Baltic States. The study process consist of analysis of background of social protection systems in the Baltic states, analysis of social protection expenditure structure, analysis of social benefits influence on disposable income per household member and analysis of monthly minimum wages. Analysis of statistical database data, systematisation, comparison and summary of information methods were used during the research. Results of the analysis show that current global financial crisis made impact on all analysed indicators and worsened social condition in all Baltic States, therefore situation started to recover from 2011. According to the results of the analysis, it could be stated that there are no meaningful disparities among the Baltic States, but in terms of percentage of administration and other expenditures to total social protection expenditures, average percentage of social benefits transfers to total amount of disposable income per household member, monthly minimum wages and percentage of monthly minimum wages to gross average wages, social conditions in Lithuania are at a lower level than in Estonia and Latvia. [From the publication]

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