Verslo dovanos Lietuvoje: įmonių vartojimo tyrimas ir požiūrio analizė

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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Verslo dovanos Lietuvoje: įmonių vartojimo tyrimas ir požiūrio analizė
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Business gifts in Lithuania: a study of enterprise consumption and attitude analysis
Įmonės / Companies; Įmonių vartojimo tyrimas; Požiūrio analizė; Sezoniškumas; Vartojimas; Verslo dovanos.
A study of enterprise consumption; Attitude analysis; Business gifts; Consumption; Enterprise; Seasonality.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe paper examines and analyses the attitude of business gift consumers - i.e. of enterprises operating in the B2B segment - towards the products, frequency of purchase and receipt, reasons for selection, as well as a share of the advertising budget intended for gifts. Although business gifs are one of the means of advertising, no data on them is provided in the overviews of the advertising market. The goal of the study is to disclose the peculiarities of selection, donation, receipt of business gifts in enterprises, and the attitude towards them. A quantitative research method was chosen for carrying out the study. Also, an indirect survey was carried out during which 411 representatives of enterprises from the whole Lithuania engaged in different fields of activity were surveyed. The factors having an effect on the opinion of consumers about enterprises donating business gifts, the types of business gifts, and the variants of their possible selection have been analyzed. After analyzing the findings of the study, the conclusions were made that business gifts occupy a very small market share therefore information on them is not publicized. The greatest effect on the selection of consumers and the frequency of purchases was made by seasonality and the need to increase awareness of the company and to create an image. Participants of the business gift market were offered to develop the culture of business gift consumption; to educate and to inform consumers about new products; to organize professional studies on the business gift market enabling to disclose the needs of companies in greater detail, as well as the benefit provided to the grantor and the grantee; also to supply youthful, inexpensive, good quality and innovative offers of business gifts into the market. [From the publication]

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