The Development of pedagogical internship: aspects of personal readiness, contents and conditions

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The Development of pedagogical internship: aspects of personal readiness, contents and conditions
Apklausa; Pedagoginė stažuotė; Studijų tobulinimas; Universiteto studentai
Survey; Pedagogical internship; Study improvement; University students
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ENTeacher preparation remains very actual in the modern society. It is without doubt, that much higher requirements are raised for the future teacher. On the other hand, a growing concern about the present state in Lithuanian schools and country pedagogue preparation is observed both by Lithuanian scientists and education politicians. One of the most important problems is that a very poor image of the teaching profession spread in the society, its prestige declined and the pedagogues, working in today’s school, are not enough motivated. Changes have taken place in teaching/learning environments too, new challenges emerge qualitatively and quantitatively. The question what is a good school and what it should be becomes already a classic. It is obvious, that one of the most essential elements of a good school is a qualified teacher. Preparing teachers, one of the most important stages is practical readiness of the future teacher. Qualitative pedagogical internship, carried out during the whole study period, guarantees this. By this research, it was sought to ascertain pedagogical internship contribution to pedagogical education acquisition, to analyse pedagogical internship contents and to evaluate conditions, necessary for successful pedagogical internship organisation and implementation. 77 students from two Lithuanian universities participated in a qualitative research. [From the publication]

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