Pedagogue’s career: satisfaction and disatisfaction factors with professional activity

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Pedagogue’s career: satisfaction and disatisfaction factors with professional activity
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Pedagoginė veikla; Pasitenkinimas profesine veikla; Pedagogo profesinė veikla.
Satisfaction with professional activity; Pedagogical activity; Satisfaction with career factors; Pedagogue status.
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ENTeacher’s role in today’s society is extremely important. It is expected, that teachers will educate active knowledge society members, will train the necessary abilities to achieve economic prosperity. Therefore, teacher’s satisfaction with his activity has a distinctive meaning educating young generation. Pedagogues’ work motivation and satisfaction with work affect the quality of their teaching subject and can have great significance to the pupils’ learning, to the high academic results of the pupils, strengthen their motivation and wish to improve. Therefore, this research deals with early, middle and late career pedagogues’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction with their professional career factors. It has been sought to ascertain how teachers understand their career, what aspects they distinguish in it, which of their roles they consider the most important, how they evaluate pedagogue status in society, which factors related with pedagogical activity raise satisfaction and dissatisfaction with their career. The obtained results allowed identifying, depending on pedagogue’s career stage, certain differences and similarities evaluating pedagogue status in society, the performed role content, satisfaction and dissatisfaction with pedagogical activity factors. It turned out, that especially many late career stage pedagogues accentuate low pedagogue status in society. Pedagogues identify low pedagogue status in society with the low pedagogue professional prestige. Early career pedagogues value pedagogue status in society most optimistically. As the main factor of satisfaction with pedagogical activity the great majority of early, middle and late career pedagogues name the possibility to realise themselves, as the most important factor of dissatisfaction with pedagogical activity - poor education system funding. [From the publication]

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