Dźwiękowy świat prozy Jurgi Ivanauskaitė. Analiza środków intonacyjno-brzmieniowych w powieści J. Ivanauskaitė "Twierdza śpiących motyli"

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Straipsnis / Article
Lenkų kalba / Polish
Dźwiękowy świat prozy Jurgi Ivanauskaitė. Analiza środków intonacyjno-brzmieniowych w powieści J. Ivanauskaitė "Twierdza śpiących motyli"
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World of sounds in Jurga Ivanauskaitė’s prose: analysis of means of intonation and sound in J. Ivanauskaitė’s novel "The Fortress of sleeping butterflies"
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Русистика и компаративистика [Russian philology and comparative studies]. 2015, 10, p. 53-65
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Postmodernioji literatūra; Intonacija; Šnekamasis stilius; Rašytinis tekstas; Siužeto raiška; Intonacinė literatūrinio teksto raiška; Autoriaus komentarai; Postmodern literature; Intonation; Spoken text; Written text; Expression of plot; Expression of intonation in literary text; Author’s commentaries.
Autoriaus komentarai; Intonacija / Intonation; Teksto raiška; Postmodernioji literatūra; Rašytinis tekstas; Siužeto raiška; Šnekamasis stilius.
Author’s commentaries; Expression of intonation in literary text; Expression of plot; Intonation; Postmodern literature; Spoken text; Written text.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe article deals with expressive possibilities of intonation in J. Ivanauskaitė's novel "The Fortress of Sleeping Butterflies" („Miegančių drugelių tvirtovė"). Intonation is a universal means of expressing different meanings and their additional emotional and stylistic colouring. However, expressive potential of intonation is less employed in written texts than in spoken ones, because graphics in both languages cannot in an adequate and complete way render phonic manifoldness of spoken text. Different authors use specific devices and ways to compensate it (most often written commentaries, description of characters' reaction, different linguistic expressions, which specify perception of the given intonation). It must be pointed out that authors do not render a variety of meanings and their shades equally adequately and carefully in Lithuanian written text, what is usually common for spoken text. Only modem writers pay more attention to intonation and other non-verbal communicative means. It is especially evident in works of postmodern literature, where authors reveal an unexpected and specific potential of intonation. Postmodern writers use intonation creatively as one of the elements of linguistic play. [From the publication]

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