Būstas Lietuvoje: rinkos, būklės ir plėtros aspektas

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Būstas Lietuvoje: rinkos, būklės ir plėtros aspektas
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Housing in Lithuania: market, conditions and development aspects
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Verslas, vadyba ir studijos. 2002, 2001, T. 1, p. 23-32
Apsirūpinimas; Būstas; Būsto politika; Būsto rinka; Gyvenamasis būstas; Namai; Nekilnojamasis turtas; Plėtra; Rinka; Rinkos plėtra; Sąlygos.
Conditions; Development; Houses; Housing; Housing policy; Lithuania; Market; Market development; Real estate; Real estate market; Residential housing.
Summary / Abstract:

ENHousing is specific field of real estate market, which by itself involves two interrelated markets: a) market of living premises as object of ownership; b) market of services provided by real estate of this particular type. Distinguishing of two housing markets and analysis of its' interrelation lets to perceive, predict and manage complex socio-economical processes taking place in dwelling field. Such approach is especially appropriate in tackling issues related to development of housing in contemporary economic conditions. Stimulation of dwelling market could be achieved through estimation of mentioned above market determinants and application corresponding economic tools: 1. All possible resources should be directed into housing. In most countries such investments are considered as important factor letting to overcome economic recession. 2. Appropriate role of state in dwelling field should be implemented through use of limited resources for social housing development, providing stimuli for private firms to invest into construction of living quarters and supporting people with limited income. 3. Development of housing should be performed into two directions: renovation of already acquired dwelling and building of new living premises. [From the publication]

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