Pakaltinamų asmenų su psichikos sutrikimais visuomenei pavojingų veikų prevencija

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Pakaltinamų asmenų su psichikos sutrikimais visuomenei pavojingų veikų prevencija
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Prevention of socially dangerous acts in mentally disordered responsible perpetrators
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Agresija ir smurtas - psichinė norma ir patologija. Vilnius: Person. įm. "Biuro projektai", 2001. P. 133-139
Pakaltinami asmenys su psichikos sutrikimais; Pakaltinamų asmenys su psichikos sutrikimais; Prevencija; Visuomenei pavojingų veikos; Visuomenei pavojingų veikų prevencija.
Mentally disordered responsible perpetrators; Prevention; Prevention of socially dangerous acts; Socially dangerous acts.
Summary / Abstract:

ENMentally disordered pertpetrators judged to be sane on the basis of forensic examination nevertheless present a problem for prevention and penitentiary treatment. In 1996,1117 out of 2208 perpetrators were acknowledged responsible although mentally disordered, in 1997,1336 out of2388, and in 1998, 1814 out of 2891. About a half of them perpetrated grave crimes like murder, bodily injuries, sexual assaults (44% in 1996,47% in 1997 and 53% in 1998). Their nosology was cognitive (390, 363 and 420 respectively), personality (237, 306 and 382) and organic or syptomic disorders (156, 196 and 202 respectively for each year) which amounted up to 66%, 65% and 55% annualy. As a solution, limited or partial responsibility is continually proposed, with probation and obligatory out patient treatment and rehabilitation programmes, based on team work of police, social care and mental health services. While the number of such perpetrators continues growing, it is essential to introduce the legal norm of limited responsibility and to work out a supporting system for their adequate penitentiary, social and psychiatric treatment. [From the publication]

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