On the meaning of the in-between and the Baltic : Baltic states between the E.U. and the New North

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On the meaning of the in-between and the Baltic: Baltic states between the E.U. and the New North
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Dialogue and Universalism. 2003, 1/2, p. 21-26
Jungtinė Karalystė (Didžioji Britanija; Great Britain; United Kingdom, UK, GB); Lietuva (Lithuania); Universitetai / Universities.
Summary / Abstract:

LTReikšminiai žodžiai: "tarpinė" padėtis; Baltijos šalys (Baltic states); ES; Europos Sąjunga (European Union); Geopolitika; Naujoji Šiaurė; Naujosios Šiaurės šalys; Universitetas; Šiaurės šalys; "in-between" position; Baltic States; EU; Geopolitics; Lithuania; New North; Nordic countries; University.

ENThe "in-between" position, ambiguous and as it is in so many senses, as well as the term. "Baltic" opens a well of considerations of linguistic, logical and geopolitical nature. Lithuania, one of the Baltic countries, today between the EU and the New North, offers both historically and currently an interesting case of the advantages and disadvantages of the "in-between" position related to the meaning of the "Baltic". Traditional interpretations and stereotype notions fall away when closer and a more critical view is taken; new dimensions of comparison and orientation prop up naturally and bring new food for thoughts. [From the publication]

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