Materiały tatarskie w zbiorach Władysława Syrokomli vel Ludwika Kondratowicza

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Materiały tatarskie w zbiorach Władysława Syrokomli vel Ludwika Kondratowicza
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Tatar materials in the collection of Władysław Syrokomla vel Ludwik Kondratowicz
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Rocznik Lituanistyczny. 2017, 3, p. 223-238
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ENWładysław Syrokomla (1823–1862) devoted several pages of his Wycieczki po Litwie w promieniach od Wilna (Travels in Lithuania around Wilno) to the Tatars inhabiting the neighbourhood of Wilno. An analysis of recently found set of Tatar documents from the collection of the Kondratowicz Family, preserved in the Lithuanian Archives of Literature and Art (Lietuvos literatūros ir meno archyvas), reveals that presenting the Tatars from Niemież (Nemėžis), Syrokomla drew on some of the documents from his collection. He published two documents in full, including Roman Dawidowicz’s last will of 1684. A major part of thirty-eight documents from the period between the mid-seventeenth and the early eighteenth century, and one document from the mid-sixteenth century, has not hitherto been known. They include, among others, charters containing grants of land, land leases, and other land transactions, last wills, court cases, various certificates issued to Tatars serving in the army, etc. The most interesting information is revealed by a sizable stack of documents relating to one Tatar family, and in the first place, to its female line. The most often mentioned person is Knyaginya Aisha Ibrahimovna (vel Abrahamovna) Bohdanova Murlinska, who struggled with life, defending the family’s interests. The Tatar collection includes valuable information on the everyday life of Lithuanian Tatars in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, relations within the community, and financial and legal status of Tatar women. [From the publication]

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