Nepatogi kasdienybė socialinėje repo erdvėje

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Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
Nepatogi kasdienybė socialinėje repo erdvėje
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Inconvenient daily routine in the social rap scene
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Res humanitariae. 2018, t. 23, p. 200-217
Muzika / Music; Socialinis gyvenimas / Social life; Subkultūra / Subculture.
Summary / Abstract:

LTStraipsnyje pateikiamas autorės 2016 m. sausio mėn. Lietuvoje atliktas tyrimas, kuris atskleidžia Lietuvos repo tekstų bei visuomeninių problemų sąsajas. Tyrimas parodo, jog repo tekstuose labiausiai išryškėja socialiniai, politiniai bei vertybiniai valstybės ir žmonių atspindžiai. Atskleidžiama, jog repo muzika padeda ne tik vertinti, analizuoti šalyje vykstančius reiškinius, bet ir juos keisti, perkurti, perprasminti. Repo dainų tekstų tyrimai leidžia suprasti hiphopo subkultūros narių požiūrį į skirtingus įvykius bei kartu pažvelgti į juos iš kitos perspektyvos. [Iš leidinio]Reikšminiai žodžiai: Repas; Hiphopo subkultūra; Dainų tekstai; Rap; Culture of hip-hop; Song lyrics.

ENThis article presents a research concluded in 2016, which aimed to unveil how social and cultural issues were represented in Lithuanian rap music. Lyrics of 26 rap songs were analyzed. Content, systematical, interpretive and descriptive analysis methods were used in this research. Lithuanian rap and its lyrics are not only a part of hip-hop subculture. It’s also a separate and very important genre, which can underline an attitude towards some political, social and public issues. This article explains that these song lyrics mostly represent the daily routine, hopes and goals of regular citizens. Rap lyrics are not only a way to fight against the establishment, it is also a method to ridicule “the bad guys”, protect the innocent and offer solutions to some problems. Content analysis helped underline a couple of main themes in the lyrics of rap songs: 1. Economic and political status of the country; 2. Values and mentality of its citizens; 3. Customs of alcohol consumption; 4. Emigration. Analysis of these separate thematic subcategories show that social and cultural lyrics categories mostly represent values and negative attitudes of the society. Lyrics highlight the powerlessness of a human being against the laws enforced by the establishment, and involvement to consumerism. The latter is almost mandatory and ensures a role in the social scene. Consumption of substances in rap lyrics is represented as the only way to experience wholesome emotions, find friends and spend free time. Importance of power and money is also highlighted. Rap lyrics emphasize that current society push aside all educated and culturally involved individuals. Their place is occupied by representatives of criminal underground, which value quick results, money and substances. Promotion of criminal world is related to the clash and change of old and new values, which are perfectly represented in analyzed rap lyrics. [From the publication]

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