Jaunųjų paauglių olimpinių vertybių interiorizacija

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Straipsnis / Article
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Jaunųjų paauglių olimpinių vertybių interiorizacija
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Interiorization of young adolescents‘ olympic values
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Sporto mokslas [Sports science]. 2018, Nr. 1 (91), p. 61-66
Klaipėda. Klaipėdos kraštas (Klaipeda region); Lietuva (Lithuania).
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe aim of this study was to explore and to compare the knowledge, abilities and attitudes of young adolescents (5–6th grades), who participate in non-formal physical education and who don’t, towards Olympic values. A qualitative study using survey method was conducted in April, 2017. The research sampleconsisted of 204 respondents. 56.4% 5th grade pupils and 43.6% 6th grade pupils of Klaipeda city schoolsparticipatedin the survey. The study revealed that the 62.8% of young adolescents were attending the non-formal physical education (NFPE). Basing on literature source analysis, the five essential Olympic values were excepted: excellence, respect, friendship, joy of effort and fair play. Original questionnaire was prepared by work authors, and was constituted of five parts. The questions, each of which had three multiple choices answers, composed an opportunity to evaluate the knowledge, abilities and attitudes of young adolescents towards Olympic values. Every part of questionnaire had 6 questions. Altogether questionnaire had 35 questions: 5 demographical, the others about Olympic values. The percentage rates were calculated by analysing demographical data and knowledge, abilities and attitudes of young adolescents’ Olympic values. 5 levels were excluded: very low (up to 20%), low (20–40%), average (40– 60%), high (60–80%), very high (80–100%). Mann-Whitney U test was used to examine differences between two independent groups. Statistical significance was set at p <0.05. All statistical analyses were performed with the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) (version 20.0 for Windows). NFPE is important for educating Olympic values of young adolescents.The knowledge about Olympic value Friendship, the knowledge and abilities of Joy of effort, and abilities of Olympic value Excellence were statistically significantly (p <0.05) better of young adolescents, who participate in NFPE, than those 5–6’th grades pupils‘ who don’t participate in NFPE. The attitudes of Olympic value Fair play, which projects the particular reaction towards events and people, statistically significantly (p <0.05) more positive were of those children, who don’t participate in NFPE. [From the publication]

2424-3949; 1392-1401
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