Pastoral care for women with regret for the loss of an unborn child

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Pastoral care for women with regret for the loss of an unborn child
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Procedia - social and behavioral sciences. 2014, 159, p. 517-523. 5th World conference on psychology, counseling and guidance, WCPCG-2014
Sielovada. Pastoracinė veikla / Pastoral activity; Šeima / Family.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Abortas; Apgailestavimas dėl negimusio vaiko netekties; Atgaila dėl negimusio kūdikio; Gailestis dėl negimusio kūdikio netekties; Krizinis nėštumas; Pastoralinis rūpestis; Sielovada; Abortion; Crisis pregnancy; Pastoral care; Regret of an unborn child loss.

ENLithuania among EU countries takes place between countries with highest rate number of abortions. The majority of women after abortion experienced some psychological consequences. The problem of the study: there is no studies that would reveal the need for pastoral care for women, who experience a regret because of an unborn child loss. Also there is no scientifically data how such pastoral program works in Lithuania. The aim of the study: to disclose the emotions and behavior change after pastoral care program for women, who experience regret because of an unborn child lost. Methodology of the study. Five women with regret of an unborn child loss were involved in the study. For research diagnostic test was applied in order to determine the emotional and behavioral change in women participating in the study. Qualitative individual in-depth interview was applied as well. The data of the research have been analysed by content analysis method. Conclusion. The study showed that negative emotions and destructive behavior diminished after participation in the pastoral care program. [From the publication]

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