The Study on the demand for production and logistics specialists : the case of Siauliai region

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The Study on the demand for production and logistics specialists: the case of Siauliai region
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Profesinės studijos: teorija ir praktika [Professional studies: theory and practice]. 2017, Nr. 18, p. 58-62
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Darbo rinka; Gamyba; Logistika; Paklausos tyrimas; Specialistas; Specialistų paklausa; Demand; Labor market; Logistics; Production; Specialist; The demand for specialists; The study on the; The study on the demand.
Darbas / Labour. Work; Gamyba; Logistika / Logistics; Pasiūla ir paklausa. Tiekimas / Supply and demand; Specialistas; Specialistų paklausa.
demand for specialists; Demand; Logistics; Production; Specialist; study on the demand; study on the.
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ENLabour market forecasting and the goals set for it have transformed along with social and economic challenges. Due to rapid technological changes in the markets, restructuring of economy and transformation of the requirements for the labour market the standard human resources planning model is no longer sufficient. The issue of compatibility between the labour market demand and supply in the qualitative aspect of the content of qualifications becomes particularly important. It is very important to analyze and project what qualification (competence, knowledge and skills) will ensure specialists’ successful participation in the labour market. This dimension of research and forecasting is one of the constituents ensuring quality of education and vocational training. Quality is ensured by formulating appropriate training and study programmes and teaching methods that comply with current and future labour market challenges. Considering the projected labour market demand, training and study programmes can have specialisations. The article presents the study on the demand for production and logistics specialists presenting the example of Siauliai region. [From the publication]

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