Review of Lithuanian anatomical terminology

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Review of Lithuanian anatomical terminology
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Profesinės studijos: teorija ir praktika [Professional studies: theory and practice]. 2014, Nr. 14, p. 44-48
Terminija / Terminology.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Anatomijos terminai; Kiekybinė analizė; Kokybinė analizė; Panašumai; Sudėtiniai terminai; Terminų panašumai; Terminų skirtumai; Anatomic terms; Composite terms; Differences of terms; Qualicative analysis; Quantitative analysis; Similarities; Similarities of terms.

ENBased on the collected material, aspects of appearance of Lithuanian anatomical terms are reviewed in the article. Anatomical terms, like terms in general, must be short and informative. Scientific-technical term must be accurate, short and easy to use so that it can be used as a constituent of the new term. Traditional Latin terminology in some cases, of course, is more precise than Lithuanian; the same thing in Lithuanian dialects has several or even dozens of names. However, the majority of medical terms are composite terms. Composite terms are most productive. The first Lithuanian dictionary (and Balts’ dictionary in general), Dictionarium trium linguarum by Konstantinas Sirvydas, was printed in 1620. It also contains first folk names. The dictionary has contributed to the process of purification, standardization and different development of written Lithuanian language. [From the publication]

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