Finansinių rodiklių panaudojimas įmonių konkurencingumo rinkoje vertinimui

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Finansinių rodiklių panaudojimas įmonių konkurencingumo rinkoje vertinimui
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Use of financial indicators for evaluation of company's competitive ability in the market
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Apskaitos ir finansų mokslas ir studijos: problemos ir perspektyvos [Science and studies of accounting and finance: problems and perspectives]. 2006, Nr. 1, p. 116-121
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Finansiniai rodikliai; Konkurencingumas; Vertės grandinės metodas; „deimanto modelis"; "Diamond model"; Competitiveness; Financial Indicators; Value chain approach.
deimanto modelis; Finansiniai rodikliai; Konkurencingumas; Vertės grandinės metodas.
Competitiveness; Diamond model; Financial Indicators; Value chain approach.
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LTAkcentuojant finansinių rodiklių panaudojimo svarbą įmonių konkurencingumo rinkoje vertinime straipsnyje nagrinėjama konkurencingumo sąvoka, pateikiami konkurencingumo vertinimo modeliai, susisteminami konkurencingumo vertinimo rodikliai. Taikant straipsnyje pristatytus konkurencingumo vertinimo metodus ir atlikus praktinį tyrimą pateiktos išvados ir numatytos įmonės vystymosi tendencijos. [Iš leidinio]

ENSubject of paper: financial indicators of competition evaluation at the enterprise level. The goal of the paper: to analize the possibility and necessity to apply financial indicators for evaluation of enterprise competitiveness on the market. The methods applied: the comparative analysis of scientific literature, the quantitative analysis, generalization. It is summarized the conception of competition which is provided by various authors in the article, described and systematized valuation of competition methods such as full, traditional all country's industry competition evaluation; analysis of industrial groups; competition evaluation of industrial companies that are using the newest technologies and producing complicated and high added value products; business environment evaluation. After were analyzed researches of various authors, was indicated main indicators of competition evaluation such as company's internal capacity, possibility to adapt to the changing market environment, quality, innovations, technological progress and financial activity efficiency indicators. Established fact that financial indicators more accurate reflects industrial company's situation, evaluates material and financial recourses effect to the competition and can be successfully used for company's activity's efficiency and continuous work valuation and measure. Established importance of financial indicators calculation for the company's competition evaluation was created quantitative and qualitative indicators evaluation usage system. [From the publication]

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