Kai reformos susitinka institucijas : aukštųjų mokyklų valdymo ir finansavimo reformų atvejis

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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
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Kai reformos susitinka institucijas: aukštųjų mokyklų valdymo ir finansavimo reformų atvejis
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When reforms interact with institutions: the case of higher education governance and financial reform
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Reforma Lietuvoje : įžvalgos apie mokslo ir studijų pertvarką. Vilnius: Alma littera, 2014. P. 107-133, 274
Aukštasis mokslas. Studijos / Higher education. Study; Suaugusiųjų mokymas / Adult education.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Aukštasis mokslas; Aukštųjų mokyklų reformos; Aukštųjų mokyklų valdymas; Auštojo mokslo reforma; Švietimo politika; Education policy; Higher education; Lithuania; Management of higher education institutions; Reform of higher education; Reforms of higher education institutions.

ENHow do policy reforms interact with pre-existing institutions? This article builds on institutionalist analytical framework that distinguishes between four levels of institutions: social norms, polity, governance and strategies adopted by individuals or organizations. The basic argument is that policy reforms aimed at changes in governance-level institutions are: a) constrained by pre-existing institutions at other levels as well as b) changing them through a dynamic interactive process. Empirical analysis focuses on the case of Lithuanian higher education reform (2009-2013). On the one hand, it was considerably constrained by the pre-existing institutions, but also led to further development of Constitutional doctrine. Furthermore, implementation of the reform led to multiple institutional overlaps, when the “old” rules coexist with the “new” ones. [From the publication]

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