Labour and machine efficient utilization importance to the enterprise profit

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Labour and machine efficient utilization importance to the enterprise profit
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Vadyba [Journal of management]. 2016, Nr. 1 (28), p. 127-135
Gamybos procesų optimizavimas; Konkurencingumas; Mašinų naudojimas; Mašinų panaudojimas; Našumas; Produktyvumas; Žmogiškieji ištekliai; Žmogiškieji resursai.
Competitiveness; Human Resource; Machine Utilization; Manufacturing Process Optimization; Productivity.
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ENIn recent years the manufacturer’s competitiveness environment has been greatly influenced by the new consumer trend. Consumers developed a need for variety, high quality, low price and just on time products. This affect has influenced the producer’s profitability dramatically. The food industry is one of the most influenced industries, because the consumers demand for fresh, healthy and quality food products. On the other hand, globalization has made a large impact to the overall competitiveness environment; producers must adapt their products to different cultures at low price in order to work in a global market. Therefore, the goal of this paper is to identify the importance of labour and machine utilization in order to maintain high profitability and fulfil consumer demands for quality and just on time products. The methodology used in this paper consist of secondary material analysis together with a case study of a candy manufacturer. The authors’ results identifies the importance of shift scheduling and machine time evaluation, which can results in higher profitability and fulfilment of consumer demands. The results provided in this research can also be applied to other manufacturing industries. [From the publication]

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