"Sveikata 2020" politikos raida: jaunimo sveikata

Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Straipsnis / Article
Lietuvių kalba / Lithuanian
"Sveikata 2020" politikos raida: jaunimo sveikata
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Development of Health 2020 policy: youth health
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Visuomenės sveikata [Public health]. 2017, Nr. 1 (76), p. 51-60
Studentai / Students; Sveikata / Health.
Summary / Abstract:

LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Gyvensena; Studentai; Sveikata; Sveikatos politika; Health; Health care policy; Health policy; Lifestyle; Students.

ENAim. To review WHO Health policy development for European region, it’s relationship with youth health promotion, health promotion movements in Lithuania and the results of Health Promoting Universities (HPU) activities. Material and Methods. Review of policy documents of WHO for Europe region and health promoting movements. The survey of the 1st and 4th course students from three HPU. 1516 questionnaires were distributed, 1030 came back, the response rate – 67.9 %. Results. Review of such WHO health promotion movement’s development as Healthy Regions, Healthy Cities, Health Promoting Schools, HPU, Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services in Europe and Lithuania. Evaluation of WHO Health policy "Health 2020" relationship with Lithuanian Health Strategy for 2014- 2025 development. The origins of HPU are shown. The survey of the Lithuanian HPU students shows, that their lifestyle is not healthy and is not improving during last twenty years. Two thirds of different study programmes students are physically inactive, every sixth has overweight, every fifth was smoking every day during last three months, every third student and every second student from social sciences study programmes was using strong alcohol beverages 2–3 times per month. All students are thinking, that they use too much alcohol. More than half of students of biomedicine and every fourth of the other study programmes was studied health related subjects and every second from biomedicine study programme and every third from technology and social sciences study programme was interested to have health education course. Conclusions. WHO health policy for Europe "Health 2020" became stimulus for many countries including Lithuania to renew their national health policies and it is a guide of actions. WHO health promoting movements are active still in Europe and in Lithuania.The first survey data of students’ health and lifestyle within Health Promoting Universities network in Lithuania implies physical activity promotion activities and alcohol intolerance policy, not forgetting healthy nutrition foundations consolidation as priority actions. [From the publication]

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