Lietuvos nepriklausomybės karas 1918-1920 m. "The New York times" puslapiuose

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Lietuvos nepriklausomybės karas 1918-1920 m. "The New York times" puslapiuose
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Lithuanian war of independence in 1918-1920 in the texts of the "New York Times"
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Karo archyvas. 2017, 32, p. 26-53, 377-378
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ENThe War of Independence in 1918-1920 is one of the most studied themes in the history of warfare of Lithuania. The innovation base of every study is the source base and the method chosen to work with it. This study offers the reader a look at the Lithuanian War of Independence using a somewhat unusual source. One of the world’s largest daily newspapers The New York Times was selected as a primary source. The main objective of this study is to complement the existing studies of the Lithuanian Independence War with new sources. A new approach is possible using the mass media, which in essence shaped the assessment of Lithuania’s independence struggles in the eyes of ordinary readers (US citizens). This and a similar study could be a serious addition to the already existing study and other studies needed to be performed in the future. After analysis of the USA, French, English and German publications, it could be possible to take a fresh look at the struggle for independence. Articles and information about the fights between the Lithuanians and the Bolsheviks, between the Lithuanians and the Bermondtists, the fights between the Lithuanians and the Poles were used for the study. Also, for greater clarity, texts about Lithuania and its statehood aspirations in the broad and narrow senses were added to the list of articles selected for the study. [From the publication]

1392-6489; 2424-6123
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