Strateginis mokyklos valdymas kaip institucijos sėkmės prielaida Visagino savivaldybėje

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Straipsnis / Article
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Strateginis mokyklos valdymas kaip institucijos sėkmės prielaida Visagino savivaldybėje
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Strategic management of school as the precondition of success of the organization in self-management of Visaginas
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 5, p. 229-243
Visaginas; Lietuva (Lithuania); Mokykla / School; Pedagogai / Pedagogues.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Mokyklos vadovas; Mokytojai; Strategija; Strateginis valdymas; Švietimo kokybė; Quality of education; Schoolmaster; Strategic management; Strategy; Teachers; The head of school.

ENEducation becomes one of priority spheres of development of our country. In XXI century education should rise on a new step of the quality corresponding needs of a society and the European standards. Today quality of education is impossible without introduction of the systems guaranteeing quality, including control systems. The purpose of research - to find out, what the situation of strategic management at school what problems of strategic management of school exist, how much actively participates in this process community of school and whether guarantees strategic management quality at success of activity of school. The research has been done in January, 2007.147 respondents are interrogated: 19 heads and 128 teachers of schools of formal and non-formal training of Visaginas. At schools the various steps anticipating creation of strategy are realized. The formulation of the purposes of activity is most widespread. The basic founders of strategy - heads of schools. In creation and realization of strategy members of community and social partners insufficiently actively participate. Making of the decision heads consult on other heads, collective more often. Various working groups are insufficiently used. More often at schools short-term and strategic plans are created and take root. In visions and missions of schools almost always are such components as consumers of services of school and rendered services. The philosophy and ethical values is least reflected.The interrogated heads specify all, that well know the strategic plan of school, however 50 % of its teachers know only in general. From elements of strategic management most all at schools the strategic analysis is developed. The strategic control is insufficiently developed. The most popular at schools is strategy of the third level - strategy of activity. 74 % of heads and 51 % of teachers specify, that the monitoring system and audit at their schools is inefficient. Among the problems interfering more successful realization of strategy, the most important is management and its quality. Estimating development of strategic management at the school, heads first of all allocate ability to solve problems, teachers - strategic planning. Ability to recognize risk and failures and the monitoring system is least developed. In the Master’s work the following conclusions have been made. At schools of Visaginas some elements and features of strategic management are developed only. However still the system of strategic management is not created. The basic problems: insufficient attention to development of the cultural values, insufficient use of potential of community, and to increase of competitiveness, absence of clear policy of management of resources, lacks of the control and audit of realization of strategy. [From the publication]

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