"Kochałam to miasto jak człowieka..." : Wilno i regionalizm wileński w publicystyce Heleny Romer-Ochenkowskiej w latach 20. XX w.

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"Kochałam to miasto jak człowieka...": Wilno i regionalizm wileński w publicystyce Heleny Romer-Ochenkowskiej w latach 20. XX w
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"I loved this city like a human being...": Vilnius regionalism in Helena Romer-Ochenkowska's journalism of the 1920s
20 amžius; Helena Romer-Ochenkovska; Helena Romer-Ochenkovska; Vilnius. Vilniaus kraštas (Vilnius region); Lietuva (Lithuania); Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: "krajovcų" įdeologija; Helena Romer-Ochenkowska; Regioninė savimonė; Regioninė tapatybė; Romer-Ochenkowska H; Vilniaus kraštas; Vilnius; "Krajovcy" ideology; Helena Romer-Ochenkowska; Regional consciousness; Regional identity; Romer-Ochenkowska H; Vilnius; Vilnius region.

ENHelena Romer-Ochenkowska (1875-1945), a prolific Vilnius journalist and writer of the inter-war period, published many columns in "Our Country", "National Newspaper", "Word" and "Vilnius Courier", that depicted the peculiarities of the city and region as well as the daily life. She took a stance on contemporary culture events, patronized cultural and social initiatives and initiated actions to instill the regional identity in people. A particularly important part of her activities was the phenomenon of "hereness" oftentimes idealized, as an integral part of Vilnius regionalism. Therefore the modern interest in homeland has deep roots. Particularly interesting is approaching the bonds between the "tighter" motherland and the attitude towards the historical traditions and fledgling national identity in the then Grand Duchy of Lithuania. These matters were the centerpiece of polemic and activity of social workers, politicians, journalists and artists connected to Vilnius, who were active during the tumultuous national disputes over the fact which country the historic capital of Lithuania belongs to, as well the ramifications of cohabitations of the Vilnius region. Helena Romer- Ochenkowska is a person who represents Vilnius well and is generally liked among its population, however, because of her nature she is also perceived as controversial and oftentimes at odds with her. [From the publication]

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