Utenos gyventojų fizinės saviugdosprielaidos

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Utenos gyventojų fizinės saviugdosprielaidos
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Assumptions for physical self-education of inhabitants in Utena region
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 4, p. 221-228
Fizinė saviugda; Kūno kultūra; Kūno kultūros nuostatos ir gebėjimai; Menų specialybių studentai; Mokytojas; Saviugda; Sveikatos ugdymo kompetencija.
, attitudes to physical education; Arts students; Competence in health education; Competences in physical education; Physical activity; Physical self-education; Self-education; Teacher.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThe constantly getting worse health of people and little physical activity put to trouble. Speaking about the importance of physical activity in human life the famous former and present pedagogues emphasize the importance of self-education. There is a problem what factors are determining the point of view to the physical culture, what motivations encourage the physical self-help, how to achieve that more citizens will take part in the process of self-creating and forming a healthy personality, it means will reach the physical self-development. The purpose of work - is to clear the presumptions of physical self-education of inhabitants in Utena region. Using the method of questioning on December 2005 were questioned 288 inhabitants of Utena town and region. The investigated population was stratified according to the duty of respondent. 51 teacher of physical culture was questioned (including the coaches, physical culture instructors), 84 pedagogues (it is a group of people working as the pedagogues, but not in the field of physical culture), and 153 workers of different professions (not the pedagogues). The data were compared in the aspects of sex and age. The survey showed that the point of view towards the physical culture of most inhabitants of Utena town and region is positive. Mostly emphasized is a valuable aspect of physical culture - the physical culture as a value is treated by all the inhabitants without reference to their sexual and social-demographical characteristics.It is stated that the most motivating power forming a positive point of view towards the physical culture has the psychological-physiological factor - “feeling pleasure doing sports”. Speaking about the motives encouraging keeping the active way of life it was cleared that respondents were mostly encouraged by the desire to feel well, to be healthy, the wish to eliminate the tiredness and to improve the mental working capacity, to develop a will, as well as the striving of best physical preparation and losing weight. 38 percent of inhabitants of Utena town and region don’t do the sports. Individually is doing sports 71 percent of the teachers of physical culture and 42 percent of inhabitants of other professions. While orderly are doing sports about 20 percent of people, who are not working the job related with the physical culture. The main reasons of not exercising - the interest in other leisure forms, the lack of will, time and organization. The objective reasons like a difficult economical situation, lack of knowledge, absence of sport basis are not the most important reasons of not exercising. Firstly the inner attitude to the own physical self-development condition not doing sports, there are not regular exercising habits and need to develop physically and individually. [From the publication]

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