Šiaulių muzikos mokykla

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Straipsnis / Article
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Šiaulių muzikos mokykla
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Šiauliai music school
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Žiemgala. 2015, Nr. 2, p. 23-31
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Lietuvos kultūra; Lietuvos muzikos mokyklos; Muzikiniai kolektyvai; Muzikinis gyvenimas; Orkestras; Pedagogai; Šiauliai; Šiauliai, muzikos mokykla; Šiaulių muzikos mokykla; Lithuanian Culture; Music Schools in Lithuania; Musical ensembles; Musical life; Orchestra; Pedagogues; Šiauliai; Šiauliai Music School; Šiauliai, music school.
Kultūra / Culture; Meninis ugdymas / Art education; Pedagogai / Pedagogues; Mokslas / Science; Muzika / Music; Orkestras; Šiaulių muzikos mokykla.
Summary / Abstract:

EN[...] Since 1939, over three quarters of the century Šiauliai Music School has always been known as an impressive cultural center. Here worked eminent Lithuanian musicians of the 20th century Juozas Karosas, Stasys Vainiūnas, Jonas Byra and Ignas Prielgauskas. School teachers had acquired a university degree in musical education, completed their studies in Lithuania and foreign high schools, constantly studied and performed. During the pre-war and even World War II years, they initiated concerts and musical performances in Šiauliai Drama Theatre, visited the smaller towns. For these purposes they would organize a symphonic orchestra, ensembles, and in 1958 founded Šiauliai Symphony Orchestra, which performed for 30 years and later was reorganized into Šiauliai Chamber Orchestra. The school students were included to participate in the concerts: they gave concerts as soloists, were invited to the school and city music collectives; the school teachers also played in them. Vainiūnas and Prielgauskas regularly gave concerts as soloists, Vitaitė and Povilaitis continued this tradition. Many teachers were famous ensemble leaders (Juodelė, Lamauskas, Žvirblis), organizers and conductors of musical events and song festivals (Juodelė, Vaičiulionis, Vaičiulionienė), participated in international competitions (Regina Marozienė), their students became winners of international competitions (Marytė Markevičienė). The school changes its status, now it is named Šiauliai Saulius Sondeckis School of the Arts. Students’ achievements in international competitions and their recognition in Lithuania show high professional level of their teachers.

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