Personalo santykių įtaka mokytojų požiūriui į mokyklų vidaus auditą

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Personalo santykių įtaka mokytojų požiūriui į mokyklų vidaus auditą
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Influence of teachers’ interpersonal relationship on their point of view about schools internal audit
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Edukacinės studijos. 2008, 3, p. 44-51
Koreliacija; Mikroklimatas; Tarpasmeniniai santykiai; Tarpasmeniniai santykiai, mikroklimatas, vidinis auditas, koreliacija; Vidaus auditas.
Correlation; Interpersonal relantionships, Microclimate, The internal audit, Correlation; Interpersonal relationship; Microclimate; The internal audit.
Summary / Abstract:

ENThis paper provides the results of research about teachers' interpersonal relationship at school, their opinions on school internal audit and the interaction between the relationship and the opinions on the internal audit. The quantitive research has identified that the relationship between teachers at school is mostly positive. However, many respondents claimed that it is unacceptable to show your feelings and emotions to your colleagues. The internal audit at schools is viewed as a procedure, which needs a lot of time, effort and additional expenses. However teachers regard the internal audit to be a positive issue for schools, because it helps teachers to evaluate their own competences, and to improve education quality. The correlation between teachers' relationship at school and their views on the internal audit exists, but the number of respondents is not big enough to state that for sure. [From the publication]

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