Naujosios Žagarės bažnyčia

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Straipsnis / Article
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Naujosios Žagarės bažnyčia
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Church of Naujoji Žagarė
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Žiemgala. 2003, Nr. 1, p. 33-35
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Bažnyčia; Bažnyčių architektūra; Lietuvos architektūra; Naujoji Žagarė; Naujosios Žagarės bažnyčia; Sakralinė architektūra; XVII a. pradžios architektūra; Architecture of Lithuania; Church of Naujoji Žagarė; Sacral architecture; The Chrurch of Naujoji Zagarė; The architecture of the begining of the 17th c; The sacral archtecture.
Architektūra / Architecture; Bažnyčia / Church; Liaudies menas / Folk art; Naujoji Žagarė; Naujosios Žagarės bažnyčia; Religinis menas / Religious art.
Chrurch of Naujoji Zagarė; Church of Naujoji Žagarė; Sacral architecture; sacral archtecture.
Summary / Abstract:

ENBasing himself on many archival sources the author shows the development of the church foundation. The date of building of the church of Naujoji Þagarë is thought to be 1584-1595.The church is very peculiar because the local craftsmen managed to give a new expression to the traditions of the Middle Ages – they united the single spaces characteristic of the romanticism into the harmonious whole. Such a building still reminds of a fortress, however, it is already turned into a religious symbol as it was required by the royal foundation. That monument influenced the architecture of the region. This is seen in the architecture of the churches of Ðakyna and Latveliai-Þarënai where the defence and folk architectural traditions were reconciled. [From the publication]

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