Skojarzenia Polaków z Litwą i Litwinami : materiały do hipotetycznego ujęcia problemu

Mokslo publikacijos / Scientific publications
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Knygos dalis / Part of the book
Lenkų kalba / Polish
Skojarzenia Polaków z Litwą i Litwinami: materiały do hipotetycznego ujęcia problemu
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Poles’ associations with Lithuania and Lithuanians: a contribution to a hypothetical approach to the issue
20 amžius; Lenkija (Poland); Lietuva (Lithuania); Kultūrinis identitetas / Cultural identitity; Etninės mažumos / Ethnic minorities.
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LTReikšminiai žodžiai: Asociacijos; Lenkai; Lenkija (Lenkijos karalystė. Kingdom of Poland. Poland); Lenkų bendruomenė Lietuvoje; Lietuviai; Lietuvių-lenkų santykiai; Tautinis identitetas; Associations; Lithuania; Lithuanians; Lithuanians-Polish relations; National identity; Polant; Poles; Polish community in Lithuania; The poles.

ENThe article attempts at indicating and describing some elements which in the author’s subjective perspective establish the contemporary specifics of the Polish-Lithuaninan neighbourhood as seen first of all from the social perspective. These are: geopolitical and tourist issues, the question of Poland’s former borderland (the so called Kresy), Polish minority in Lithuania, common Polish-Lithuanian heritage, Lithuania’s easterness, outstanding persons’ Polishness ve Lithuanianness and finally the Lithuanian contexts of some Polish dilemmas. Each of these associations was set written into a broader background showing this neighbourhood’s positive and - much more often - negative aspects. One of the final reflections is that this neighbourhood’s character is at present ambiguous, as too many crucial questions are left with no precise answer. [From the publication]

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