Oginskių genealoginės savimonės atspindžiai XVII-XVIII a. proginiuose leidiniuose

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Oginskių genealoginės savimonės atspindžiai XVII-XVIII a. proginiuose leidiniuose
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Reflections of genealogical self-perception of the Oginskis in occasional publications of the 17 th - 18th centuries
Reikšminiai žodžiai: Atspindžiai; Genealogija; Genealoginė savimonė; Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė (LDK; Grand Duchy of Lithuania; GDL); Literatūra, XVII–XVIII a; Oginskių giminė; Proginiai leidiniai; Proginė literatūra; Savimonė; Accasional publications; Genealogical self-perception; Genealogy; Lithuanian literature, 17th–18th century; Occasional literature; Oginski family; Reflections; Self-perception.
Atspindžiai; Genealogija. Heraldika / Genealogy. Heraldry; Lietuvių literatūra / Lithuanian literature; Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė (Lietuva; LDK; Grand Duchy of Lithuania; GDL); Proginė literatūra; Proginiai leidiniai; Savimonė.
Accasional publications; Genealogy; Genealogical self-perception; Lithuanian literature, 17th–18th century; Occasional literature; Oginski family; Reflections; Self-perception.
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ENThe Oginski family left a permanent imprint in the history of Lithuania, researched by both Lithuanian and international scientists. So far the genealogical self-perception of the Oginskis was not submitted to a more detailed research, thus the purpose of this article through the study of occasional publications of the 17th - 18th centuries to analyse how the Oginskis viewed themselves - the descendants of influential family, - what kind of information was preserved in their memory about their forefathers, and what did they want to emphasize when speaking of their founders. The analysed publications reflect seven aspects of the Oginskis' genealogical self-perception: legendary, agnatic, sword and distaff, rank/office confessional, military and foundationalist. The aspects of sword and distaff, also confessional and foundational aspects of genealogical self-perception, in the genealogical self-understanding of the Oginskis were most rarely reflected. This helps to realize that for the Oginskis it was very important to underline their legendary origins, which distinguished them from the rest of the nobility, also male members of the family who occupied high positions or were engaged in important diplomatic missions and were notable participants of military campaigns.The most visible aspect in self-perception of the Oginski is the one of rank/office. Although this family is mostly noted for the aspect of sword and distaff, its expressions were sporadically giving way to the agnatic aspect. Legendary and military aspects of self-perception are reflected almost equally in the occasional publications. Nevertheless, we may assume that the legendary aspect of genealogical self-perception of the Oginski family emerges at the end of the 17th century (this could be related to the increased status of the family in society), although becoming most visible in the i8lh, yet the foundational aspect matures around mid-i8th century. The Oginskis valued their educated forefathers, therefore, unlike in the case of other aristocratic families of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, we may speak of the genesis of educational aspect of genealogical self-perception as well. Genealogical self-perception is rarely visible in the heraldry printed in occasional publications, because these publications printed only very few combined coats-of-arms of this family. Yet this is one of the keys that could unlock the chest of genealogical self-perception of nobility of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. On special occasions, a text dedicated to the Oginski family or its representative would be illustrated by a fancy frontispiece, depicting symbols of heraldry and various insignias. Heraldry in the occasional publications dedicated to the Oginskis helps uncovering rank/office, military and sword and distaff aspects of their genealogical self-perception. [From the publication]

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